steps for direct sales success

Why You Will Fail at Direct Sales

If you are already an Independent Scentsy Consultant, are currently in direct sales or are considering joining Scentsy or any other a direct sales company, information will be valuable for your success. Is being in direct sales difficult? I would be lying if I said, no. Yes, it’s difficult, but then again any business that’s… Continue reading Why You Will Fail at Direct Sales

Scentsy Loves Dads

Scentsy does love dads, just as much as you love your dad. Let's face it, looking for a perfect gift for Fathers Day can somewhat be rather exhausting. I know some dads like tools, some like sports memorabilia, but once in a while, it's really nice to change things up. We can't have him expecting… Continue reading Scentsy Loves Dads

scentsy by the sea

How Many Hours Does A Scentsy Bar Last?

I've been asked the question, how many hours does a Scentsy bar last, and to be perfectly honest; it all depends. It all depends on what warmer you use, how many cubes you put in, how long the warmer has been going, and what type of throw you enjoy.   Let's start with some wax… Continue reading How Many Hours Does A Scentsy Bar Last?

scentsy blogger income report

Scentsy Monthly Income Report

Today, I thought it would be fun to start a series where I divulge some deep dark secrets. I'm only kidding about the secrets but decided I would share with you my Scentsy income report and share how much money I've earned since becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant, as well as, my journey towards leadership.… Continue reading Scentsy Monthly Income Report

Scentsy Crystal Wax Collection

Scentsy Crystal Wax Collection

Whoo Hoo! there's a new Scentsy Wax Collection in town! This is the Crystal Wax Collection. Unfortunately, it just came out today and  I haven't had a chance to smell them, but there are a few scents I'm really eager to purchase. Positively brilliant news — our Crystal Wax Collection is here!   This limited-edition assortment is… Continue reading Scentsy Crystal Wax Collection

scentsy soak

Do You Love Baths? Introducing Scentsy Soak

Okay, all my bath loving guys and gals out there, Scentsy just released their new soaks to the body line. I'm not a bath type of girl so I will not be testing this out, but from what I hear, it's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Each soak weighs 2lbs, and it's formulated with Pink Himalayan and Epson Salts. … Continue reading Do You Love Baths? Introducing Scentsy Soak